Papperige pannenkoeken


Hoeray! Pa-pa-parrrrrty! After an 8 month journey of intense baking, writing and food photographing, I can finally get it off my chest. There’s a new Baked Louie’s book coming up, it will hit the shelves this spring (2017) & it’s going to be ab-so-lu-te-ly delicious!

During the first two years and a half I’ve been to university, I met many new people, discovered the craziest things and experimented like a wild bunny in our little student kitchen in Ghent. Once studying at university felt comfortable to me, it was about time to start writing a second book. I didn’t want to rush anything, every single detail in the book had to come from my heart. The only way to get the right vibe was to take my time, hence it took me 8 months to finish it.

The book will feature 100 funky, fresh & easy baking recipes, to turn every party into one you won’t remember but never forget 😉 . Since my old fashioned Word file is finished now, I couldn’t wait any longer to give you a little sneak peek of what the book will have to offer. I can’t tell you enough how excited I am, so you’ll get to see more funky stuff in the next few months – I promise!

Let’s celebrate this first sneak peek with a birthday pizza from my book. To eat or not to eat?




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